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Multiplatform solution
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What is iWant My Time?

IWMT is a time scheduling social network among trainers and you.

Browse trainers and locations

You can easily browse available trainers and locations. You can even use map search to find closest trainer for you.

Book available times

With iWMT you can book times and add them straight to your calendar. Trainer will accept your booking and you are good to go!

Invite friends to sport with you

iWTM is a social platform. You can invite your friends to join you. Just book a time and send an invitation. You'll meet your friends on the course.

Amazing Features

It is amazing what you can do with our platform. iWMT is a notebook, a calendar, a search engine and a social network for trainers and you.

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Find times


Manage times as a trainer


Synced in desktop, tablet and mobile


Save your favourites


Invite friends to sport with you


Fast and simple


The motivation behind iWMT

As passionate golf players we learned that time scheduling between trainers and students could be vastly improved by a solution which would support all platforms - OSX, Win, Android and iOS.

"Torel's kitchen"

The idea came to be on one afternoon in Torel's kitchen after some wine (probably too much), but the same applies to all great ideas. As a result many trainers have already joined iWMT and waiting to be booked.

Why you should use iWMT?

  • It is free and supports all platforms
  • Invite your friends - no more calling and resolving calendar conflicts
  • All the popular trainers are already involved

iWant My Time partners:

  • Labelprint
  • Hill and knowlton
  • Deveton
  • Mack Bar-B-Que

Our team

Our team makes it happen, we believe that we have best team.


Torel Neider


Torel is Golf trainer, who keeps eye on the concept and modifies it in order to meet trainers needs.


Sten Sarap


Sten is a golf player and investor, who keeps eye on business side and new developments of i Want My Time.

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